The good old cuppa

the old good cuppa

If you’re anything like us here at Team NJJ there’s nothing you like better than starting the working day in the office with some nice strong coffee. Then it’s straight onto the good old cuppa – or seven! You can always tell if it’s a busy day here at NJJ HQ by the number of […]

It’s official… Autumn is here!


It’s official… Autumn is here! It’s another season that we love at NJJ – OK, so perhaps not quite as much as the Summer when we can enjoy those long lazy days and cooling cocktails or Winter when it’s crisp and cold and Christmas! But Autumn definitely has its plus points. When Autumn arrives, you […]

Easy ways to update your living space

Living space

Have you been enjoying the summer? Long lazy days, bright sunshine, cooling cocktails or mocktails…. OK so we know recently it’s been more a case of long queues trying to get out of the country, train strikes and heatwaves but we can dream. And don’t forget the football… didn’t our Lionesses do us proud?! We […]

How to keep cool!

how to keep it cool

Let’s face it, we are a bit Goldilocks when it comes to the weather! No one likes it too cold, and no one likes it too hot! We all like it just right. Well, here at NJJ HQ, we have the fans and flip-flops on, the local ice cream van on speed dial and our […]

Baking Camembert – Some Do’s and Don’ts


Baking Camembert has really become quite popular in pubs and restaurants, and there are lots of different ways you can do this at home, but it does largely depend on your individual tastes. Most people interested in baking Camembert have tasted something delightful from an eatery, and then look for a recipe they like (possibly […]

Tropic like it’s hot – summer cocktails

Tropic like its hot

Summer is well and truly here! The temperature is rising, and I know you’re thinking about that tropical summer getaway. But until you’re there hopefully we can help tide you over with a couple of tropic summer cocktail recipes – perfect to enjoy in the sun! We have been mixing and tasting here at the […]

And today’s soup of the day is…


Tomato and Basil, French Onion, Broccoli and Stilton, Mushroom, Leek and Potato, we all have our favourite soup. But irrespective what yours is, I think we can all agree the best way to drink it – curled up in the corner of the sofa, covered over with a blanket (or, for those of you who […]