How to keep cool!

how to keep it cool

Let’s face it, we are a bit Goldilocks when it comes to the weather! No one likes it too cold, and no one likes it too hot! We all like it just right.

Well, here at NJJ HQ, we have the fans and flip-flops on, the local ice cream van on speed dial and our MD poised to do his version of Club Tropicana (he remembers the 80s). Definitely not cool!

So we thought we’d share our products and top tips to stay cool in the heat outside (or inside!)

As a treat, why not have that ice cream now while you read on… we’ve got the white wine on stand-by in an Artland Sommelier White Wine Cooling Carafe!

It’s all about the ice!

Neon CollectionTake any of our generous sized gin glasses like Manhattan, Peacock, Speckle, Neon or Fizz, fill them full of ice cubes and listen to the satisfying crackle as you pour over juice or cordial. Then add in water (still or fizz) for another good old crackle and the piece de resistance, a vigorous rattle of ice cube on glass and you’re ready! When it’s gin o’clock, you can swap the juice for your favourite g&t. Drink. Rattle. Repeat.

We have some fantastic products to help you keep cool like our Artland Sommelier White Wine Cooling Carafe work brilliantly (the ice cubes are in a special compartment so you can chill your wine without diluting it), we have loads of gorgeous designs which look amazing when the light catches them!

Highgate Collection


Our fave is still Peacock as that’s one of the first ones we brought in, with the mirror interior and beautiful blues and green feather design. But we’re pretty proud of all our Artland lovelies. Bloom is one of the latest.

Lots of our glassware is robust enough to take out on the patio or balcony too – no need for plastic equivalents, especially designs like Marine, Highgate and Loire.

How to cool down a room

Fans. We’re big fans (see what we did there?) but if you haven’t dusted off the one you bought last time we had an unexpected heatwave, the chances are you won’t get one for love or money! Good luck, everyone loves a trier!

Air conditioning units. These can be pricy and with energy costs meandering their way to second mortgage territory, probably not on everyone’s tips to keep cool list. Apart from ours. Just cos.

Ice ice baby! Oh yes, a 90s smash this time! But also rather useful to keep you cool (we bet you didn’t know that!) Here’s a nifty trick – fill a bowl with ice cubes and place it in front of an oscillating fan for a stream of chilled air. Replenish the ice cubes as they melt. Or just use the ice cubes for a few cocktails and mocktails. Ooh, Manhattan anyone?

How to cool down quickly in bed

Swirl Collection

Sheet meets fan. You what? It’s like blowing up a big paper bag and climbing in it. We’ll let the lovely wikiHow explain

How to cool down – in general?

Loose-fitting clothes (dig out your linen!), lighter colours and those flip-flops or slides. Add some super cool glassware into the mix (maybe sunkissed Tropical Leaves or tutti-frutti Swirl?) and you’re all set.


Thanks for your company! We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips to keep cool. We’re off to build a fan fort till the boss says it’s wine o’clock!


Team NJJ