It’s official… Autumn is here!


It’s official… Autumn is here! It’s another season that we love at NJJ – OK, so perhaps not quite as much as the Summer when we can enjoy those long lazy days and cooling cocktails or Winter when it’s crisp and cold and Christmas! But Autumn definitely has its plus points.

Camembert BakerWhen Autumn arrives, you can start to dream of digging out your snuggly jumpers and boots, as well as scarves, gloves and hats. But just as it’s time to change your wardrobe with the change of seasons, it’s also time to change your menu! Lots of hearty soups and stews, warm crusty bread and our favourite, Baked Camembert – the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of the colder weather (make sure you check out our Camembert Baker top tips). Top it all off with an equally-warming tipple… set off beautifully in a clear glass like our stylish Anton Studio Design Manhattan tumblers or for a more formal look, try our Dornberger Dorchester 24% cut crystal DOF tumblers. Just add ice!

What we especially love about those Autumnal evenings though is the perfect excuse to start planning for the high point in the entertaining calendar, Christmas! If you’re having friends round over the festive period, family to stay, or you’re off visiting, it’s never too early to start planning the drinks menu – and trying out a few signature cocktails!

There is so much information and inspiration on offer now. So let NJJ take you on a journey, with a few refined glassware choices from our line-up to accompany you!


Spend some time during your next few shopping trips checking out what your local supermarket has on offer. If you’re lucky enough to have an independent wine merchant near you, pop in and have a chat. Or look for recommendations online from wine writers and TV shows. There has never been a better time to explore the world of wine!

NJJ recommends: “Elegant and contemporary” Anton Studio Designs Empire Set of 2 White Wine; “a beautiful swirl of colours in every piece” Anton Studio Designs Speckle Set of 4 Wine Glasses, set of 4; “right balance between subtlety and elegance” Artland Bloom set of 2 wine glasses


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Where do you start with gin?! It has taken on a whole new lease of life and doesn’t show any sign of waning. From rhubarb and pink grapefruit to blood orange and spiced gin… or good old-fashioned London Dry! Gin has even given inspiration to the creative industries with ‘let the fun be-gin’ found on anything from t-shirts to posters. We love it! Ever since we launched our oversized gin glasses, this has been the NJJ mantra: “You need a big gin glass for the perfect G&T… it’s pretty much a legal requirement. Big gin glass, a good hand full of ice, a wedge of lime (not “slice”, “wedge”), a generous pouring of gin, followed by a couple of light additional splashes (just to make sure), and then filled to the brim with tonic. Repeat as necessary / prescribed!!”

NJJ recommends: Any of our large selection of gin glasses, from one of our original designs, Artland Peacock Gin Glasses to our latest delicate Anton Studio Designs Skye Gin Glasses


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Mocktails and Cocktails

Make sure you cater for the drivers or non-drinkers with a series of mocktails like these from BBC Good Food – we love the look of the Faux Fizz or Negroni Mocktail! There is always something new on offer for boozy cocktails too so keep an eye out. According to The Sunday Times Style THE cocktail on the rise in Autumn 2022 is the ‘Mexican Jumping Bean’ cocktail! Tequila, espresso coffee and agave syrup – hasta la vista!

NJJ recommends: “an effortless celestial beauty” Artland Set of 2 Galaxy Champagne Saucers; “a superb and stylish statement” Anton Studio Designs Set of 2 Manhattan Cocktail Glasses


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Spirits, shots, long drinks and the rest!

There is a drink for everyone – and a glass to go with it. At NJJ, we are super proud that we can pretty much cater for any drink as well as offer the glassware extras – from jugs & carafes, decanters, ice buckets and wine coolers. Come on in!


Cin cin!


Team NJJ