Our Story

Hello, we’re Not Just Jugs, so glad you could join us. Pull up a chair and we’ll tell you a little about ourselves…

Located in (occasionally sunny) London, we first went live in 2010, though, admittedly, have had since some work done since then (can you tell?), but we have always stayed true to our core belief that all good websites should have more than jugs… nope, that’s not right… core belief, core belief… oh yeah – to find great, beautiful and practical items that you would want to have in your home, and would be proud to gift to someone to use in theirs!

We believe that eating and drinking is one of those great pleasures in life, so we love to find things which makes it even more enjoyable! As such, most of what you will find here is focused is very much on goodies you would most commonly use in the kitchen and dining room… though if you want to take a casserole dish into the shower, who are we to stop you?

Sure some of our items are quirky and unusual, but that’s what makes them great! Not everything should be a plain white ramekin (disclaimer – we have some of those too). But if you’re looking for classy glassware, gifts galore, simple serving pieces or something entirely different, we hope we have that ‘thing’ you’re on the prowl for!

If you’re searching for ideas, inspiration or just more information about certain items, we always love to hear from you – honestly! Got a question? We’ll give try to give you our best to answer! For instance:

Is this glass microwave safe?
Highly unlikely… at best.

Will it break if I drop it?
The fall is unlikely to break it. The landing, though, that’s where it starts to get messy!

I’d like to take a casserole with me into the shower, any suggestions?
Keep the lid nearby.

We hope you enjoy using our site, and find a few things which tickle your fancy! Thanks for stopping by,

The team at Not Just Jugs.