Garlic Roaster by BIA

Garlic Roaster
by BIA


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  • Great way to roast whole garlics, which also takes away their sharp flavour & leaves you with a series soft, delicious & spreadable cloves
  • Comes with a recipe leaflet telling you how to roast garlic bulbs & ideas as to how they can be used
  • Unglazed lid to prevent the garlic becoming dry & tasteless during baking
  • Dishwasher & Oven Safe
  • Gift Boxed
4 Available.
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Product Description

The garlic roaster, stylishly shaped like that of a garlic, is an excitingly different starter that will get all your friends talking! Comes with a recipe leaflet to give some initial inspiration! This decorated garlic roaster is ideal for roasting garlic in! Simply pop an elephant garlic into this fabulous roaster, leave it in the oven for a bit and out comes lovely smooth, spreadable garlic which is perfect on some bread or cracker! Surprisingly, garlic looses a lot of its pungent aromas and is much more palatable so is far less striking than raw garlic, making it a delicious starter!

Perfect for entertaining guests, and the recipe leaflet included within is a great way to start you off before you start experimenting for yourself!!

Additional information

Dimensions115 × 115 × 100 mm






SKU : 401156G
Brand :
Dishwasher Safe :Yes
Oven Safe :Yes
Microwave Safe :Yes
Freezer Safe :Yes
Gift Boxed :Yes

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