The good old cuppa

the old good cuppa

If you’re anything like us here at Team NJJ there’s nothing you like better than starting the working day in the office with some nice strong coffee. Then it’s straight onto the good old cuppa – or seven!

You can always tell if it’s a busy day here at NJJ HQ by the number of teabags by the kettle. Once we’ve had that initial coffee to booster-charge the day, the regular refrain of ‘anyone for a cuppa’ can be heard up and down the office. Maybe in some offices there’s more furtive beverage-making happening as no one wants to get lumbered with making everyone a brew!

At NJJ it’s a whole different ball game… it’s true, we get super excited when our design team unbox new glassware samples but teapots always make our day!

Here are some of our favourites – and check out the full line-up here.


HERO Infuse 1Infuse

This is our option for loose-leaf teas as each one comes with a stainless steel infuser insert. We just love these colours! The yellow is our office go-to – it’s so full of sunshine! – but the red and green are faves especially at Christmas. The beauty of this design is they’re stackable too. Go on, spoil yourself!



HERO Sorrento


This is usually the teapot of choice in the office when the summer holidays are but a distant memory!! Lemons are a perennial favourite with the media too and it gives us a nice warm feeling when they seem to like it as much as we do. The teapot is part of a larger range of mugs, plates and bowls. You know what they say, when life gives you lemons, make a cuppa!



901194874 2Camel and Elephant… and Bling!

These are great for animal-lovers but also have a real 50s vibe, so they are definitely one for gifting. They were among the first teapots we added to our line-up at NJJ but without a doubt, the real talking point is the gold and platinum versions – or Blingamel and Blingaphant as they’re affectionately known! Yorkshire Gold  tea anyone?



407022GE51 2

Oriental Hobnail

We were thrilled when our design team unveiled this range – it’s super-sophisticated and a real surprise when you first pick it up. No, it’s not cast iron, it’s ceramic! The colours are oh so subtle and really lend themselves to a lapsang souchong, jasmine or herbal teas, as each has a stainless steel infuser insert. There are matching traditional Chinese cups too, to round off the experience.



We haven’t let our love of tea stop us developing our range of cups and mugs for coffee lovers too! Choose from sets of Latte mugs like the brightly-coloured Harlequin or Espresso like any of our gorgeous electroplated designs.


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Till the next time – the brew’s on us!


Team NJJ